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There has been no activity for awhile here and as such there is no point in keeping it as a active forum.
Posts will remain for as long as somebody pays the hosting bill ( not up to me ) but I will not renew the domain name next year.

So it was a pleasure to hang with you all but the world has honestly moved far past MD games and the traffic just isn't there to make this worth it anymore.
alll your WIP stuff goes here
 #10319  Author: Masson
 Sat Aug 13, 2016 5:34 pm
Dude, I'm one guy with a full time job and other responsibilities. I'm trying to get stuff done and a demo out (hoping tomorrow, if not next week), but you're not going to get a whole bunch of brand new updates every 2 days. Give me time, and you will see a well thought out, fun and challenging game, but if you just pressure me into giving updates every 2 days, you're only going to be disappointed. I'm happy that you're showing interest in the game, but don't ask for too much too soon.
 #10320  Author: alynxs
 Sun Aug 14, 2016 6:54 am
Still posted 6 rows but didn`t asked my questions. The point is that i asked about the game, there was no pressure. I posted twice because i saw you enter forum everyday and a reply won`t take much than one minute.
 #10321  Author: Masson
 Sun Aug 14, 2016 4:06 pm
No, I didn't answer your questions, for a few reasons. One, I was annoyed that you're questioning the status of the project just because I take a couple of days to answer a few questions that I've not had the time to read or answer yet. Two, I've answered those questions before, including in this thread, so if you'd just had a look first you'd find an answer. Three, I can't give you an answer yet. I have no idea when the game will be out of what sort of features it'll have at the end.

The pressure didn't come just because you asked questions- I like getting them as it shows interest in the project. What I don't like it people getting worried that the game is dead just because I take a couple of days to answer some questions.

On a separate note, got my bugs fixed and should hopefully get the demo out today!
 #10322  Author: alynxs
 Sun Aug 14, 2016 8:39 pm
Great to know this about the demo.
You talk about interest? All wrestling fans wants a decent PC game and they didn`t haven`t it, and believe me, it's 2016. And no future wrestling games on PC are announced.
WWE 2K was a joke on PC, since it couldn`t be played only from 64 bits and had a lot of problems and glitches.
WWE RAW on PC was good, but was 14 years ago. And it was very limited on gameplay and features.
Wrestling Mpire idea was good, but unfortunately gameplay and graphics sucks. But it become really popular because IT WAS THE SINGLE one on PC (except last launch from WWE 2K which was failure) to offer a career mode and total customization.
A wrestling game with better gameplay and graphic engine than Wrestling Mpire, with customization of wrestlers & arenas and with an endless career mode will be the fire on the market.
 #10323  Author: XieGe
 Sun Aug 14, 2016 9:37 pm
You pretty much explained it all. I'm also very hype as well because this BETA will hopefully get rid of the cancer that is the Memory Access Violation. Many people have this issue including myself (Well Only For Wrestling MPire 2014) and I have a great Gaming PC so just to see a game that will be updated as far as rosters AND Code etc just makes me happy and I know a ton of people that feel the same. Take as much time that you need!
 #10325  Author: Masson
 Sun Aug 14, 2016 9:56 pm
No doubt, I'd love to get those in the game. That's what I've wanted from being a wrestling game fan for years. I'm just focused on getting the gameplay down first, then I can worry about the flashy other parts. Only reason I've got some of the Character Creator done is so I don't have to use generic art for the wrestlers.
 #10424  Author: Masson
 Thu Nov 17, 2016 10:16 pm
Got some show-off time for my physics:

Lesson one for Prime Time Wrestling, watch your step!

It's like a superplex, but I call it the MEGAPLEX.
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