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Question and general chatter about our new project
 #10081  Author: Masson
 Thu Sep 24, 2015 6:34 pm
Hi Guys, got a bit of a big topic to talk about today so I'd like your opinions please!

If you've played the PTW prototype, you'll have noticed that there are 2 strike and 2 grapple buttons. This is how I am building the game; light and heavy buttons for each attack type (strike and grapple) and hit both of them for a super attack. Weak moves are easy to hit, take little stamina but cause little damage. Heavy are harder to hit, do more damage but take more stamina, super attacks are finishers and signatures, so do the most damage and are the hardest to hit. All moves are ready to hit whenever, you don't need to build to a finisher, but using a finisher too early will result in you either not doing enough damage or being reversed.

There will be 5 moves tied to each button combination for every position the opponent can be in. Opponent positions include:
Standing Regular,
Standing Groggy,
Facing Back Regular,
Facing Back Groggy,
Grounded facing up,
Grounded Facing down,
Sat Up,
On Knees,
Bent Over,
On Turnbuckle Forward,
On Turnbuckle Backward,
On Turnbuckle Seated,

And various others (on apron, Jumping off turnbuckle etc)

There will be 4 in match attributes (stuff that goes up and down during the match)
Health - This is the main focus of keeping yourself in the match. The higher your health, the quicker, stronger and more competent you will be in the ring. Regens very slowly
Stamina - This shows your speed, Ability to hit better, harder moves and how well you can move around the ring. Regens when not moving
Durability - How well you can stay on your feet and take damage. The higher your durability, the less damage you take. Regens when not taking damage, and will only go as high as your health.
Momentum - The more momentum you have the faster and stronger you get, however lower momentum will increase your ability to counter and reverse your opponent, to help balance.

Reversals are split into two Counters and Reversals.
Counters simply block your opponent from hitting their move on you, Reversals will reverse the move and will result in you dealing damage to your opponent. This system needs a lot of work and thought so opinions would be great especially for this!

Another idea I am playing with is GamePlans. If you watch Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero, compared to Rey vs Big Show, Rey will hit different moves and go about the whole match differently. I'm planning on building this into the game through these GamePlans. Hitting a button combination during the match will completely change your moveset. In essence, every in game character will have 4 or so movesets you can swap between before or on the fly during a match. The general template for this is Hard, Quick, Technical and Brawler, so you can swap your style to suit your opponent as you need.

I don't like the idea of hitting two buttons at once to hit finishers, so I'd like other ideas for that.

Like it? Don't like it? Want something not talked about? Here's where to talk about it. I want to build a wrestling game that uses the great stuff from other games but also is very unique and innovative.
 #10082  Author: Kenny Time
 Fri Sep 25, 2015 6:58 pm
Nice Steve!

I like those ideas. The gameplans sound great and would be cool to include a gameplan for when Rey would face a Batista or Kane. I always hate trying to build a good moveset for lightweights that can work for multiple opponent types.

As for finisher suggestion... one of my all time favorite games for building a moveset was Attitude. You could build your set and to top it off your move controls varied based on what moves you took where or how you execute them. So a finisher is not the same for everyone. You had cool video game combos like mortal combat style move input. Example to do a the clotheslines from hell... get full momentum and whip your opponent to the ropes then input down, forward, strike as they rebound. Anyway cool to see what ya got going man. Good Luck!
 #10083  Author: Masson
 Sat Sep 26, 2015 5:22 pm
Yeah, it's the old fighting game setup. My controls now are reminiscent of Mortal Kombat, so I'd definitely thought of combos for finishers. I don't want to over complicate the controls too much though, is my only worry there.
 #10084  Author: Masson
 Fri Oct 02, 2015 6:49 am
No one else has opinions on this?
 #10085  Author: -The Real- Big Pete
 Fri Oct 02, 2015 5:06 pm
I like the Mortal Kombat Finisher idea...or perhaps when the momentum/finisher bar (or whatever) flashes like in WWE games on N64 perhaps pushing 1 button could perform a finishing grapple or striking attack?!

So for example if your momentum bar flashes "finisher" and you push the light grapple you perform a finishing submission move...or if you push the hard grapple button you'd perform an impact move (like a Powerbomb or whatever?!)...

If you push either striking button, then you perform a light or hard striking finisher (like the Power of the Punch...or DBry's Multiple Kicks, etc.)...
 #10086  Author: DaveG
 Fri Oct 02, 2015 9:33 pm
I can't figure out what I want to say, basically I like your plan and only input I could/would offer is to do with finishers but as I said haven't figured it out yet, got to much twc5 crap in my head lol