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with the news of the closure of the good game forums, egaus would like to offer former members a place to migrate, to keep the legacy of the GG forums alive 

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champion gamer
June 03, 2014, 07:22:21 PM by champion gamer
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so as you all know over the last few days, the website has been down that's because my mate, was trying out a few different hosts(the first one wasn't very good) and i had to change over the domain names, so it would direct you to the new host, so he got all that sortied and where finally back, also my mate seems to be able to pay the host so for the foreseeable future we are good to go, which leaves me with this final bit of news, as the sit hasn't got a lot of activity, i going to demote some admins and add two new admins, please note that once we get adequate activate, all former admins will be reinstated :)

so congrats to final boss and Hazama for there newly appointed roles :) 

champion gamer
April 01, 2014, 08:08:05 PM by champion gamer
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so I'm going to be trying out this fan made army men game and to my knowledge the game has a cooperative campaign , so if anyone would like to team up with me and play it, it would be a big help as rob is MIA atm because of personal reasons so i kind of need a co-host for this stream as it would be good to test the co op  also i tend to ramble if i don't have a co host lol

if no one remember's the army men games here's a quick look at them

and the game that will be played on the stream

champion gamer
March 25, 2014, 03:40:42 AM by champion gamer
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so since people have been having a bit of trouble getting used to the forums i thought i would write up a quick how to.

so first things first profiles yes i know you know what a profile is but well, i thought we would at least go over them because well i don't know why..... "OKAY WHERE DOING IT BECAUSE I SAID SO THAT'S WHY"

so first things first lets talk about the profile avatars: no not angg or Korra but a simple image that sets you apart from everyone else  :0 you can have your very own or a selection of forum defaults, but if your too good for a avatar then lucky for you MR I"m too "GOOOOD" FOR A AVATAR..... because you don't have to  have one  now there are three ways to have a avatar on the forum one of the easiest is to select your image from the internet and post the url, or the second and yet again useful way is to upload a image from your computer to  the site and the third is to select a avatar form the default selection........ huza for the new avatar

so now you got that shiny  new avatar

....... your probably going to want a signature to go with it or are you to "GOOD"  for a "SIGNATURE" .... well i guess we should get started:

sooo you are going to have to know a bit of bb code and if you don't well "TOO BAD FOR YOU" OKAY OKAY you talked me into it you can find a list of bb codes here..... now post a image and some text and anything else you want in there, well i think that's covered so on to a few miscellaneous yes that's right i didn't abbreviate it "WANNA FIGHT ABOUT IT " ........"I THOUGHT SO"

so now we can add some Personal Text for example: "Oh, Jesus Christ. " well that was short.... well moving along

Custom Title  yep that's right sir douchebag you don't have to be sir douchebag anymore for example: Turd Sandwich you like that title don't you ......................

now it's time for random questions that are optional and that can destroy the super duper quadraphonic fabric of well nothing.... ...that was anticlimactic  but it is a good way to well tell people what you like

who owns your brand loyalty

favorite game:
what is your favorite game

games i'm playing :
what games you are playing at the moment

my consoles :
what consoles do you own 

and there they are the answers will show up on your profile for everyone to see because everyone needs to know if your a total noob for supporting that piece of shit console that's not really that different from the other godly console that is apparently 1000X better or you could just get a computer because the high lords of mouse and keyboards compel you, you filthy peasant  or maybe just maybe your a giant fucking pussy that's neutral  ....... whelp that's the internet for you maybe it would just be best if you didn't fill those out..........

okay i hate my bloody name i don't want to be know as "the giant hemorrhoid " anymore well unfortunately you should have picked a better user name in the beginning "giant hemorrhoid", "giant" FUCKING "hemorrhoid" WHAT WHERE YOU thinking.....well your stuck with it now....... so go to account settings and change your user name by clicking on change (this will change your login name) the to change your forum name select this one "Name: "This is the displayed name that people will see""
and there you go your no longer the human hemorrhoid your now just Joe........ while your in the account settings you can change your password from "password" to "123456" and change your security question to "monkey".............. and that's about all we have time for but we will be adding more helpful stuff in a few days so sit tight and wait for more instructions 

disclaimer champion gamer was trying to be funny and no doubt looked like a complete and utter tool but he hopes you found this humor ridden post helpful, and he will be adding more info soon


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